Peggy comes from a community that taught her to make decisions based upon how they will impact our children seven generations from now. With an eye towards the future, she understands the need to think beyond options that offer a quick return while degrading our environment in the long run. Peggy will advocate for policies that protect Minnesota’s natural resources. She supports initiatives that promote the development of clean energy to decrease our reliance on imported energy and revitalize energy sector employment. Peggy aims to ensure that Minnesota continues to set an example for the rest of the country on how to develop and promote the use of clean energy technology. She believes that our way of life is worth protecting in order to ensure the shared prosperity of our community for generations.

Peggy is committed to building a state where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. She co-chaired the Raise the Wage campaign in 2014, which increased the minimum wage to $9.50 per hour and indexed to inflation. She helped lead this effort because she believes that no one working full-time should live in poverty.  In her first session, Peggy co-authored the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. She is also committed to advancing this issue to ensure that Minnesotans don’t have to choose between caring for a loved one or earning a pay check. Peggy is also committed to working for paid family leave, a living wage for workers, earned sick and safe time and access to high-quality affordable child care to ensure that all families in Minnesota have an opportunity to achieve economic prosperity.

Peggy believes we need a robust transportation system that is connected to how District 46A residents actually live and work in the community. She sees public transportation, especially Southwest LRT, as an integral component of community growth, so that all can share in Minnesota’s wealth and opportunity. An advocate for Minnesota workers and their families, Peggy believes in transportation policies and practices that promote access to jobs and opportunities for those who live in St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Plymouth, and Medicine Lake. She believes in transportation planning that embraces the future of our cities as increasingly interconnected, dynamic and growing urban centers. Peggy will invest in transportation infrastructure that helps build prosperity for generations to come.

Peggy believes investing in education is paramount for the district and the future of Minnesota. As a child advocate and former executive director of Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota, Peggy has spent her career making sure our littlest Minnesotans, those ages 0-3, have access to what their families need including home visiting and early childhood family education. She’s committed to closing gaps in school readiness by investing in high quality child care and early learning opportunities that ensure all of our children start kindergarten ready to succeed. She will work to fully fund public schools across the state to ensure today’s students have opportunities to meet their full potential. The state legislature must ensure that college remains affordable and accessible, as a post-secondary education can be the final hurdle to full equity and economic security.